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Recipe For Preparing Grapefruit Cheese Pie With Rye Bread Pie Crust

Rye bread pie is a starter dish that suits almost all main course meals. Since its easy to prepare pie, you can even use this item as a starter in an instantly arranged kitty party or a family gathering. Here is a recipe to make grapefruit cheese pie with rye bread pie crust.

The ingredients for the crust of the rye bread pie are:

Unbleached all-purpose flour (one and a half cups)
2/3 cup of rye flour
3/4 tsp salt
16 tbsp cold unsalted butter
1 tbsp natural cane sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
3 to 6 tsp ice water
Preparation of rye bread pie crust

Firstly you need to take a medium-sized bowl and mix well the ingredients such as all-purpose flour, rye flour, salt and cane sugar. Then, add butter to the mixture and beat well (let small lumps remain). Then, you need to add the vanilla extract to this mixture. After that, sprinkle one tablespoon of cold water slowly and stir the mixture (until the dough becomes sticky). Then, you can divide this dough into halves, wrap it with a plastic cover and refrigerate it for an hour. Once it is chilled, you can transfer it to a pie plate. Then fold the eggs. In order to avoid sagging, prebake the crust to 400 F for a period of 15 minutes. Then, brush the crust using egg yolk and again bake it at 350 F for five minutes.
Ingredients for the rye bread pie filling
2 egg yolks and 3 egg whites
2 grapefruits
Half a cup of heavy cream
3/4 tsp salt
One cup of natural cane sugar
4 tbsp unsalted butter (melted)
2 tsp

Jul 18

Italian Food Catering Services For Your Next Gathering from Maria’s Italian Kitchen

There are several situations where you may have to arrange for catering. Perhaps somebody is having an engagement, perhaps your office needs to arrange on-site meals, or you are interested in throwing a private party that stays fresh in everyone’s memory for a long, long time. Once you’ve chosen to arrange for catering, the main question you need to answer is what type of food you’d prefer. Maria’s Italian Kitchen would like to suggest Italian food.

Catering, as you may perhaps know, is one of Maria’s specialties. They have been providing Italian food catering services to Los Angeles for a very long time and they have gotten pretty good at it. Our dedicated catering and events staff has the determination and experience to appease all of your requests while staying inside your budget and providing you with some of Los Angeles’ best Italian food. Catering rarely used to be this convenient.

If you’re scheduling your wedding, you may want to think about serving Italian food. Catering services with Maria’s Italian Kitchen don’t stop with the food, however. They can help you with all the little details from choosing a location, to food, drinks and even decoration. Speak to their events staff regarding the arrangement of a traditional Italian wedding, even if you aren’t Italian! Food, catering, location and decoration are all parts of the package.

They are also really seasoned at providing craft services to the film and TV industries. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and there is nothing less entertaining than an empty stomach. They’ll keep your cast and crew’s spirits high and well fed with their selection of authentic, wholesome Italian food. Catering for the specific food allergies and dietary requirements of your people is not a problem, either.

If you’re having a private party in the near

Jul 15

Learn To Love Sheep’s Milk Cheese Through P’tit Basque

When it comes to cheese made from sheep’s milk, there are several forms to choose from – soft or hard, strong or mild. But regardless of the texture or the taste, one thing is certain for all of sheep’s milk cheese – it is very delicious. And if you have not tried having this cheese just yet, it is never too late to try a P’tit Basque!

P’tit Basque is an unpasteurized and uncooked hard sheep’s milk cheese that comes from the Pyrenees Mountains, the border that separates France and Spain. While most of the known cheeses today have been around for hundreds of years, this particular French cheese is different. Unlike its other relatives in the cheese kin, this cheese is the youngest that debuted only in 1997.

Although P’tit Basque is technically a very new cheese, it is made using traditional methods. It is manufactured using the same techniques that local shepherds used several hundred years ago. The very first P’tit Basque was made from pure sheep’s milk that the farmers put aside while milking their ewes.

Cheese from sheep is considered as the ultimate reward for cheese lovers. Cheese made from sheep’s milk definitely tastes better than cow’s milk cheese and goat’s milk cheese because it contains a higher butterfat and protein content than cow or goat’s milk. That makes any sheep’s milk cheese extremely rich in the two very essential components that make good cheese. It has a unique quality that translates into a certain depth and complexity that is absent in any other cheeses.

For the lactose intolerant, this is a very great alternative to regular cow’s milk cheese. However, the main health benefit that one can get from a sheep’s milk cheese like the P’tit Basque is its high calcium content – it will

Jul 15

Journeying You Through The Food Paradise With Daniel’s Food Diary

It is identified that Singapore is called the food paradise where there are a wide series of food that represents the other regions of the earth. There are too many varieties possible that at times, we exploit the freewill of choice and forget that there are poor children surviving in some other outland sector of the world that never get food or even some who are hurting from malnutrition. It is proven that many Asians take for granted with the convenience of attaining adequate food on our mouths for all three meals everyday. At times, we get too selective with the food that we don’t want to eat them and let it go to a waste.

Being in a country with full of gourmets, it is only common for Singaporeans to be keeping a guard for wonderful food suggestions around the nation. Also, with the progression in knowledge, people can effortlessly log onto their network and find for top food advise from bloggers.

Daniel Food Diary is a food site that is created by Daniel Ang who is involved in food and a gym teacher! The motive why he launched blogging about food is because he believes that food is a more timeless subject and it seems to resonate more tightly with what many Singaporeans are rather involved in. He powerfully feels that food is what grows people knitted- like how people would meet up over a drink to talk about major or to simply catch up with their old school mates.

His obsession for food started out from when he was upward up as a little kid. Daniel was someone who loves to consume up food and to the extent of licking up the plate at the end. Food and taste can be looked as one

Jul 15

Giving The Gift Of Food This Christmas

One of the highlights of Christmas, is that it helps bring family and friends together. Relatives travel across the world to spend this month with the ones they love, many staying over with loved ones also. Reminiscing and eating food are two of the key elements that no family gathering would be without. So this year why not replace the standard gifts given to family and friends with festive foods that contain much more love.

Anything that is handmade, with added love will be appreciated more than anything you can simply buy. Being creative can help increase the possibilities and help bring a smile to those that you love. Even making Christmas treats for when family and friends come to visit, will create a great talking point.

So where to begin?, well starting off simple is the best way to go down this route. For example, baking your very own gingerbread biscuits can be a great place to start. The baking process is incredibly simple and involves very few ingredients. What’s more, they can be decorated and have many different icing and additional elements to help add colour and taste. Ideally, including children in the baking process can be a great way to spend time inside, during the ice cold temperatures outside.

Other home-made gifts that provide a great festive treat, are classic jams and chutney’s. Along with truffles and fudge. But these are just little treats. What about making your own Christmas cake. This food gem is eaten by almost everyone during the Christmas period, and often on Christmas day.

A Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake that contains currants, sultanas, cherries and raisins. Coated with marzipan, icing and glazing. Since this will require a Christmas theme, consider presenting it with tinsel and ornaments, or try the

Jul 14

Chemical Checking Similarities In Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance And Food Safety

Though there are specialized programs available for food quality training and pharmaceutical quality assurance, the principles of these fields remain similar. Medicine and cooking may seem worlds apart, but both depend on the consistent application of principles in chemistry and ingredient measurements. Furthermore, with the sterile and mechanized techniques involved in large scale food production, the functional differences between manufacturing apple pie and aspirin are increasingly eliminated. Though food production does not require the same level of government mandated tests and retests, food companies have profit driven incentive to experiment with new products on consumers with almost the same rigor and scientific approach.

Both pharmaceutical and food quality training prepare graduates for every stage, from product development to consumer consumption. Whether in a food lab or a drug lab, taking samples from a huge vat of flour belonging to a major bakery brand or a minute amounts of a powerful new SSRI, or simply being part of a regulatory body checking in on a pharmacy or restaurant, testers need to know if products are coming out consistently and what is going into them, and use very similar means to find out.

Some Methods Used In Quality Control:

Levy-Jenning Charts: Standard since the 1950s, this tracking method is an essential part of laboratory quality control. It allows scientists to make an ongoing visual representation of the success and progress of experimentation.

Animal Testing: Samples administered to animals in a laboratory setting allow scientists to measure effectiveness of drugs, unpredicted This is an unavoidable part of developing new drugs, but a less likely component of food production, except in testing the ingredients that go into synthetic

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): Using mechanical pressure and heat, this purifying method allows for measuring exact quantities and chemical content in substance. Less popular

Jul 12

Fresh Meat and Cheese Available at Columbus Ohio’s Delis

Fresh meat and cheese at delis in Columbus Ohio offers an alternative to the run of the mill packaged goods at local retailers. While the trend in America tends to be quick and easy, wrapping and all, ordering these same products at a deli can be just as simple. In addition, buying fresh can typically mean buying healthier.

Plenty of Variety to Choose Fromrom

Contrary to popular belief, many of the Columbus delis offer a wide array of products to choose from. Both traditional and nontraditional types of cheeses and meats can be purchased. Whether one is looking to purchase a deli tray in Columbus Ohio or gourmet cheese products, finding something that you need is made simple. If by some chance the deli doesn’t have it, rest assured that it can typically be ordered for the next time he or she drops in at the neighborhood deli. Having numerous fresh meats and cheeses to choose from is what makes Columbus delis so popular.

Comparative Cost

Buying fresh products isn’t necessarily expensive. Although the cost of the product is determined by the particular kind and the amount, fresh meat and cheese at Columbus delis are affordable. The rates on party trays and gourmet cheeses are reasonable. This allows the average family to be able to purchase fresh goods without having to break the bank. Taste, quality and excellent service doesn’t have to be compromised because of costs in the delis of Columbus bakeries.

Health Benefits of Eating Fresh

It is a common known fact that a lot of pre packaged foods are loaded with all sorts of additives. While some are necessary, even at local delis for preservation and safety reasons, many of these products may have a lesser amount. If the goal of the consumer is to eat fresh and find and alternative to overly

Jul 12

What Are The Key Food Groups To Gain Muscle

In order to gain muscle you must consume enough calories for your muscles to grow. The food that you eat should provide for energy, repair and regeneration, along with triggering growth. The main problem most people have when trying to gain muscle is that they are simply not consuming enough calories and are therefore hindering their progress.

Quality Nutrition

If you had a high performance car, would you fill it with dirty fuel? Of course you would not. So why fill your body with poor quality food like double cheese burgers and fries? In order to gain muscle and maximize potential growth your body needs high quality food, consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.


Protein is needed to build muscle tissue and strength and to supply extra energy to the body during workouts. Protein can be consumed in the form of red meat, chicken, turkey, egg whites and fish. These protein sources are all easy for the body to digest and use and are all a necessary component in helping you to gain muscle.


Carbohydrates and good fats provide the body with both physical and mental energy needed when embarking on a strenuous workout program. The best sources of carbohydrate are rice, potatoes, beans, pasta, wholegrain cereals and a large variety of vegetables.

These carbohydrates all contain fiber and vitamins that the body needs for proper digestion. Not all carbohydrates however are created equally. Refined carbohydrates like bleached white flour products have lost much of their nutritional value, for example, pies, cakes and white bread all have large amounts of refined sugars and fats. These products, along with candy and fizzy drinks, should be limited as much as possible. Excessive refined sugars can be easily converted into fat and can easily hamper your attempts

Jul 10

Natural Food Emulsifiers

We have already talked about a few of the natural emulsifying agents sometime back in the previous articles – Natural Emulsifying Food Additives. The next in line come a few additions to the previous list. The previous list of natural food emulsifiers, we talked about emulsifiers like egg yolk, mustard, soy beans and honey. All of these are natural food emulsifiers that can be easily found in everyday kitchen materials. They are not processed or artificial; but with a little addition with a few more additives, they make brilliant natural food emulsifiers.

Talking about the next set of emulsifiers we have a few more easily available food materials in our daily cooking kitchens that make wonderful emulsifying agents. One of the popular emulsifying agents is the guar gum.

Guar gum Guar gum is popularly used as a food emulsifier that tends to swell in cold water. Guar gum is used in a number of food products like breads, soups, desserts, frozen food and for meat products. It is commonly used in dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Apart from food industry, guar gum as a thickener also finds uses in textile industry, paper industry, pharmaceuticals industry and cosmetics industry.

Pectin Pectin is another stabilizer used popularly in fruit juices, jams, jellies & milk shakes. It is available in two forms: liquid and powder. Sources of pectin is fruits like apple, apricot, grapefruit, orange peels, etc.

Xanthan gum Xanthan gum is a vegetable thickener popularly used in dairy products, making gluten free bakery products, ice creams, soups, etc. apart from food, xanthan is also used in toothpastes, cosmetics and beauty products.

Agar agar With 100 times more absorbent capacity, agar gar finds stabilizing uses in food products like yogurt and other dairy products. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless, with traces of minerals and iodine.

Jul 10

Important Food Safety Terms You Should Know

Understanding food safety techniques first requires an understanding of key terms and concepts. This article will define and explain some of the most important terms you need to know to keep you and your family healthy.

BACTERIA: Microorganisms that can cause food borne illness and food spoilage. Bacteria are more commonly involved in food-related illness than viruses, fungi, or parasites. Some bacteria spores can survive freezing and high temperatures.

CONTAMINATION: The presence of harmful substances in food. Some contamination occurs naturally. Some may be introduced by humans or other environmental agents.

CROSS-CONTAMINATION: When harmful substances or bacteria is physically transferred from one source (e.g. human) to another.

FOOD CONTACT SURFACE: Any surface that touches food.

FOODBORNE ILLNESS: Sickness or disease transmitted to people via food.

FUNGI: Molds and yeasts are examples of fungi. Fungi can range in size from microscopic single-celled organisms to large, multi-cellular organisms. Fungi are often the cause of food spoilage.

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT: Programs to prevent pests from infesting food sources and serving establishments and measures to eliminate any pest intrusions.

MICROORGANISMS: Tiny living organisms that can be seen using a microscope.
The four types of microorganisms that can contaminate food and cause food borne illness are bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

PARASITE: An organism that needs a host organism to survive. Parasites can live inside many animals that are used for food including cows, chickens, pigs and fish. Proper heating, cooking and freezing kills parasites. Avoiding cross-contamination and proper hand washing is also vital in preventing food borne illness caused by parasites.

PATHOGENS: Microorganisms that cause disease including disease in food.

POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD: Types of food in which microorganisms are able to grow quickly. Potentially hazardous food groups often has a history of being involved in food borne illness outbreaks, has potential

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