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Cheese Pizzas, Price List, and Ordering it Online

Are you aware of the fact that increased consumption of cheese can result in a reduction of abdominal fat, blood pressure and blood sugar. Yes, researches have proven it. If you are driven by the notion that having double cheese margherita or veg extravaganza or any other pizza with loads of cheese inside the crust and as topping will affect your health the negative way you are wrong! Have double cheese margherita, Veg Extravaganza, and other cheese pizzas without any inhibitions!

Well, cheese is a major agricultural product not only in India but also across the world. As per a report, millions of metric tons of cheese are produced worldwide every year. The USA constitutes around 30% of the cheese production at the worldwide level. So, you can well imagine the consumption level of cheese. It is but a fact that taste of pizza won’t be good without cheese. Most of the pizza items like veg extravaganza, double cheese margherita, cheese & tomato, fresh veggie, cheese crust pizza, country special, farm house, peppy paneer, mexican green wave, deluxe veggie, gourmet, cheese & barbeque chicken, keema do pyaaza, meatzaa, cheese and pepperoni and more are prepared with cheese in the crust or as topping in accompaniment with other ingredients, particularly vegetables and non-veg items. Items like Double Cheese Margherita get loaded with extra cheese.

Pizza prices are not high at all. In fact, small and big parties can be hosted at the lowest budget with pizzas and related foodstuffs like garlic bread, veg/non veg mexican wrap, veg/non veg pasta italiano white, veg/non veg pasta italiano red, garlic breadsticks, cheese jalapeno dip, cheese dip, choco lava cake, chicken wings, chicken kickers, etc. And if you make use of pizza coupons whether you are ordering pizza online or by dialing the

Feb 22

Lovely Lebanese Cheese Shawerma

Here are the ingredients for a Lebanese cheese shawerma, which can be served with baguette-looking pita bread or rolled up in a lafa in order to hold the meat.

For marinating the lambs, (3 fillets of lamb) cup of red wine cup of vinegar 1 lemon 2 teaspoons of pepper Soy sauce

Marinate the above ingredients for a few hours and the roast it wholly.

For the garlic sauce,

cup of corn starch 1 tin of evaporated milk Butter Olive oil 4 cloves of garlic (minced) A teaspoon of salt

Also get ready these ingredients;

4 sliced tomatoes Half cucumber sliced 6 slices of cheddar cheese Pita bread (store-bought)

The rich mixture of authentic Middle -Eastern food sends our taste buds to seventh heaven, and such luxury is available at our fingertips. Homemade shawerma can be prepared using simpler utensils, no need to purchase an expensive kebab grill for the occasion.

First, add butter to the pan, heated at minimum level. Then add half of the crushed garlic into the pan, pour in olive oil at the same time. Then, insert a full tin of evaporated milk to the mix. Add corn starch and stir frequently. Turn up the heat to a higher notch before adding the remaining garlic. Simultaneously add salt and cover the mixture with a lid.

The garlic mixture is poured over the roasted lamb and sliced into proportionate sizes to be consumed in between halved slices of pita bread layered with cheese. You could add sliced tomatoes and cucumber to complement the whole sandwich.

A shawerma, literarily means rotated, which is how the meat for this dish is usually prepared. Lamb, beef, turkey and chicken are the common options of meat for this

Feb 22

The Eco-Friendly Nude Food Movers

Packing and wrapping food to the workplace or school is now thing of the past because nude food movement has created more awareness among the people. Parents are happy to pack food in the nude food movers for their kids since it allows food to remain fresh and the usage contribute a lot to healthy environment. More importantly packing nude food in the rubbish free meal box is more hassle free than wrapping it. Nude food movers ensure a healthy body, so if you really care about health, undoubtedly you need to have nude food movers’ meal box. Nude food movers are available online. Bumble is the popular site online to acquire wide range of school accessories and products. If you plan to buy the best meal box for your kid then definitely you need a visit to -Bumble.ie’. Your kids will be excited when you introduce them to Bumble shop with wide variety of items to choose from. Baby gear, backpacks, nude food movers, kids lunch boxes, snack tubes, drink bottles, lunch bags, coffee mugs, flasks and there’s more to Bumble.

The simple yet elegant nude food movers will attract even the parents to have one for them. Nude food movers ensure that food remains fresh for long time and retains the taste. So your kids might be excited to munch upon the delicious chicken sandwich and share with friends during lunchtime.

Nude food movers does not require you to stretch the pocket, it’s about investing in a more healthy way to consume food. The pre-packed snacks are more expensive and avoiding them could reduce your expenses hugely. Bumble provides nude food movers at reasonable prices to benefit both the parents and kids.

Smash is known to manufacture the best quality school products. Their success lies

Feb 21

Cottage Food Laws Making Profits From Your Kitchen

If you search for a baking forum, several will pop up showcasing discussions about women worldwide using their home-based kitchens to bake cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, breads and more, all in an effort to make extra income and show-off their culinary talents. In 2002, Warren Brown, moonlighted as a cake baker, eventually leaving his job as a Washington DC lawyer to take his deliciously amazing cakes to the masses two bakeries. Today Brown has seven locations across Maryland, Virginia and the nations capitol.

Everyone knows someone who can create a delicious cake or pie; In fact, if you stroll through any community farmer’s market you will see folks selling their homemade baked goods, apple butter or heirloom candy? The ability to sell a food specialty is made possible in most United States (U.S.) communities by the existence of “cottage food laws;” a special law giving home food processors permission to make potentially non hazardous food products from the home kitchen. In the U.S., cottage food laws are different for every state so home food processor’s must check with their individual state regulatory agency to learn about specific food processing rules and food labeling requirements; while all other states may require the use of a licensed commercial kitchen.

Today eleven states currently have house bills pending, and the residents are hopeful these cottage food laws will pass bringing that much needed shot in the arm to their local economies. There is really no way of knowing how many home-based bakers and small food processors there are across America, however one thing is for certain, today the consumers desire for homemade, clean label foods with no preservatives opens the door for all food entrepreneurs ready and willing to become essential commodities in their community.

The list of states below have cottage

Feb 21

Smoked cheese – a new variation

Smoked cheese is another variety of cheese which has been treated in a special way. This treatment is done by smoke curing. The smoked cheese has a yellowish-brown outer “skin” as a result of the curing process.


The Smoked cheeses are of many types:

Gamoneau Cheese – It is a Spanish cheese which is fatty in nature. It is a lightly smoked cheese which has a thin and natural rind which is brownish in colour, having green, blue and red patches. This cheese is sold in form of cylinders.

Metsovone Cheese is a semi hard smoked pasta filata cheese which is produced in Greece. This cheese is manufactured from cows milk or a mixture of sheep, goat and cow milk.

Oscypek Cheese is made out of sheeps milk which is made in Slovakia.

Parenica is another of the traditional cheeses from Slovakia. This is a semi firm, non- ripening, semi fat steamed cheese which may be smoked too. One can get non smoked version as well. The cheese comes is strips which are woven into snail like spirals.
Rauchkase is smoked cheese which has German origins. This cheese is known for it being semi soft having a smoky brown rind. Bruder Basil is one of the very famous dairy company that manufactures this.

Smoked Cheese is processed in three ways

a) Cold smoking – This method takes up a month and is treated at a temperature between 20 degrees to 30 degrees centigrade.
b) Hot smoking – This is treated at a temperature between 40 degrees to 90 degrees centigrade.
c) Smoked cheese is also artificially flavoured to give it a smoked flavour.

Method of smoking

The salted and unpasteurised sheeps milk is turned into cottage cheese

Feb 19

The Healthy Kitchen Must Have A Food Dehydrator As An Essential Tool

Food dehydrators are staple in the healthy kitchen. Health-minded people are now bringing home top model food dehydrators from dieters trying to conserve calories to food purists who would like to enjoy delicious foods that are not riddled with preservatives and added unnatural chemicals.

You know fresh produce is great for your body since they are packed with natural vitamins, minerals, as well as enzymes. Sorry to say, a lot of fresh produce goes to waste because people simply do not eat it up before it goes bad.

Food dehydrators are the solution to this dilemma, you will never again waste money by throwing out rotten fruit! You can use your dehydrator to eliminate the moisture from these foods so they are preserved naturally.

Dehydrated foods will last much longer than those that are left fresh and they can be used in a variety of healthy snacks. Contemplate adding dehydrated fruit pieces to yogurt or mixed in with nuts for a homemade trail mix.

Even children will eat foods that have been prepared through food dehydrators. They will eat their fruits gladly without even realizing they are so good for them. You may even be able to dehydrate very small pieces of vegetables and slip them into a dehydrated fruit mix for those veggie-hating family members.

You need to make certain there is just enough heat to dry the food, but not so much that it bakes it when you are getting your food dehydrated. There is a fine line between drying something and cooking it, so you will want to make sure that it works; you also want to make certain that half your food does not get dried out while the other half just turns into mush.

Food dehydration involves taking anything that is thin slices of the

Feb 18

Buying A Food Steamer – What To Look For

Eating healthy and cutting down on kitchen work is something that is easily accomplished through the use of a food steamers. These devices come in several sections and feature a base that houses all of the controls and then a chamber where the water is placed. On top of this, multiple plastic containers or trays go on top which is where the food is steamed. Food steamers are not as quick as using microwaves, but the food will certainly taste better and be healthier.

When looking for the right steamer, there are a number of key factors that should be considered. As with most things in life not all food steamers are created equal and spending a bit of time researching the various models and options will give you a better chance of buying a food steamer which you use regularly and lasts you a long time.

The Controls

Steamer will either come with basic dial controls or have digital controls. A digital model will usually have more features and is better to purchase. With a digital unit, you are usually able to set very specific temperatures and times and also have the ability to set up a timer for the cooking. Digital models are usually not much more expensive than the ones that feature a dial.

Easy to Fill

Water is used to steam the food, so having a base that is easy to fill is best. The sign of a good model would be one that has easy to read water indicators and also comes with a way to fill up the tank when the unit is on. If you need to steam something for a long time, water may need to be added. Having to take off the food trays to do this

Feb 17

List Of Filipino Unusual Food

Just like anywhere else, Filipino has its own list of unusual food. Food that are common among us Filipino but for some find the food unusual or exotic. Here is my list for some Filipino exotic food.

Balot: Balot is not only a popular food in the Philippines, as Filipino eats Balot for a very long time. Balot is a hard boiled fertilized duck egg eaten from the shell. For some, Balot is so unusual as it was featured in popular TV show as one of the most unusual food in the world. Balot is so popular in the Philippines because of the believe for its aphrodisiac effect and for being high in protein. Now a days, balot is usually sell in the street fried wrap with batter known as Balot Tokneneng. It is also eaten in other Asian nation such as in Vietnam, China has also a similar preparation known as Maodan.

Bayawak : Bayawak (variety of large lizard) is another unusual meat consume by Filipino, before you could always find Bayawak in some Restaurant in Manila specialized with exotic food but now a days you could rarely seen some as the number of Bayawak started to decline.

Dagang Bukid (Rice field rat): For some, rat might be a pest on their rice field farm, but for some farmer it turns to be a favorite appetizer during drinking session. They usually cook rice field rat as dry adobo and Ive heard that it taste like a chicken.

Frog (Rice field Frog): For some people, eating frog might be look so unusual but I heard that some people fom other nation also eat Frog as part of their culinary cuisine. There are some variety of frog that are poisonous ,so be careful when choosing one. Frog is usually cook

Feb 14

How to Grow Taller – Food and Exercises Can Really Increase Your Height!

Many people who are tired of being the shortest person in a group are searching for information on how to grow taller. Lots of pills and synthetic supplements claim to enhance your growth, but do you really trust them? If youre like most people, you prefer to do it naturally if at all possible. Lucky for you, you can learn how to grow taller by reading the steps in this article.

First of all, think of your body as a machine. If you want to get a lot of results, you need to put a lot of quality fuel into it. Simply put, if you want to grow taller youll need to start eating better. You need to change your diet to add plenty of milk, eggs, legumes, and fish. These foods contain beneficial amounts of calcium and protein that are essential to human growth. Not only will eating this way make you healthier and turn your body into a more efficient machine that processes nutrients faster and better, you will also be stimulating the growth hormone in your own body.

After youve established healthy eating patterns that form the foundation and make growth possible, you can begin stretching exercises specifically designed to add inches to your height. Many yoga and Pilates exercises are helpful for elongating your spine and encouraging growth. Try lower back strengthening exercises like sitting cross legged on the floor, concentrating on keeping your spine straight, while you inhale and raise your arms as high as you can. Exhale and lower them.

Aside from the stretching aspect, getting proper aerobic and anaerobic exercise is important to better your posture. A better posture means that you stand up straighter, which in turn makes you appear taller. Weak abdominal muscles often contribute to poor posture, so concentrate on strength exercises to

Feb 13

Break ups and our relationship with food

Anyone who has been through a break up knows that it can directly affect how and what we eat. The stress of the break up gives you that horrible anxiety feeling in your stomach, the same sort of feeling that you have when you’re nervous about out something. It can either make you not want to eat at all, or comfort eat, so much you end up gaining pounds. We all know about the curse of the comfort foods, when you’re feeling down we turn to the sugary treats like ice cream, chocolate milk shakes etc. But why? What is the connection between eating these treats and feeling better. Professional dietitian Rhiannon Britton advises -The behaviour of -comfort eating’ after a break-up is thought to stem from the reassurance given by food provided by parents to children, linking positive feelings about parental care and love with the food.- It is because we associate these feel good foods with our childhoods that we so often turn to these sugary treats to make us feel better. There are a couple of things you can do to combat these feelings for example, don’t go shopping for food when you are feeling low in mood as you are likely to let your cravings rule your food choices or try writing down your daily intake for a week, to get a better idea of what you are consuming.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, often after a break up you don’t want eat a thing some call it the break up diet, anxiety, stress and depression have a negative impact on your food intake. This can be make you feel even worse as your body is not getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Again there are a couple of things you

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